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Check back here each month for upcoming news and important events for the coming month.

April Newsletter
April 3, 2018

Happy Spring! (sort of...) It will get warmer, I have it on good authority.

We are beginning to train for a few upcoming tournaments. There is one in Cohoes (near Albany) on April 22nd that Sensei John and Nancy will be judging for.  Any students interested in competing can see either one of us for information. It's a good warmup for....

Our own Hudson Valley Regional tournament is coming up on June 2nd. ALL students who know any fullkata are strongly encouraged to compete. Online registration is available right here on our site. I will need some parents help as well. I will need ring coordinators, score keepers, and all black belts (junior also) are required to judge. I'll be talking thst up later. It's not difficult, so parents can get involved. It's FUN!!!!


Closed Thurs-Sat 4/12-14 (Workshop in Washington DC)

Testing 4/19 at 6:00 No classes that day. 

February News
February 5, 2018

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe this winter. 

Continue to monitor this site, as well as our Facebook page for unschedules closings. Hopefully there won't be too much more of that!

Be aware of testing and vacation dates. Senseis John and Nancy are away from Feb 10-17 and Monday, Feb.19 is Presidents' Day. 

Testing/Promotion is on Feb 22 at 6:00. There are no classes that day, but all are encouraged to come observe, and students can come in their gi and participate in the testing. 

That's it for now...    N & J.


January 2018 Newsletter
January 3, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cold enough for you? The dojo is nice and warm, though, so don't let the weather stop you all from training. 

 Please keep in mind that we wear traditional karate uniforms. Nothing other than a tee shirt (short sleeve) should be worn under it. (Actually, nothing at all should be, but in the winter another layer is a good idea.)  Please, no long sleeves, no buttons or zippers. We do get warm during class. 


Our next tournament is on February 4th. (Superbowl Sunday) Details on registration coming soon. 

Testing is on January 18th. No regular classes that day. 

December 2017 Newsletter
December 4, 2017

Happy December!

    This can be a very hectic month for everybody. Between shopping, concerts, parties, and general holiday preparation, we are all pretty stressed out this time of year. Try your best to stick to  your usual karate schedule, but don't feel badly if you need to miss a few classes. We TOTALLY understand.

  Movie night is Friday, the 8th from 6:00 until 8:30. $5 per child. The movie is "Labyrinth" We provide pizza, chips and water to drink. 

    I can still order sweatshirts and jackets up until about the 8th in time for Christmas delivery. Order sheets are on the bulletin board.

  As the weather gets cooler, (and downright COLDER) our closing policy remains as it has in the past. If Saugerties schools close, we close. If there is a two hour delay, we are OPEN. We would also close in the case of after school activities being cancelled, or early dismissals. Closing will always be posted on the home page of the website, and on our facebook page. 

  No matter what holiday your family celebrates this month, have a healthy happy and safe one. And Happy New Year to everyone!

 12/8: Movie Night

12/21: Monthly promotion 6:00 (no regular classes)

12/23 -1/1 Closed. Re-open 1/2/18

November 3, 2017

Happy November!

Sweatshirts and jackets are available! Order forms are on the bulletin board. I can put in an order any time (Great gift idea!)

 Light news month, but we have two tournaments coming up.

Nov. 11. Tournament in Hye Park. Anyone who knows an kata can participate. We have registration forms in the office.

Also, the Diamond Valley Classis is on 11/18 in Herkimer. This is a larger tournament, but well run, and always fun!.

I will post an update with tournament results later in the month. 

J & N