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Why Glasco Karate?


Okinawa is the largest island in the Ryukyu Island Chain in the South Pacific Ocean. Okinawa has been influenced by both the Chinese and Japanese cultures, and they speak the Japanese language.

The name Goju-Ryu (Hard/soft style) was given to this martial art by Chojun Miyagi Sensei. His sensei, Kanryo Higaonna had studied the martial arts of southern China. Having travelled to Fuzhou, in Fujian province, Higaonna Sensei devoted himself to the study of these arts. Upon his return to Okinawa, he taught and spread the arts he learned which became to be known as Naha-te. His most notable student, Chojun Miyagi, developed the art even further and gave it the name we know today.

Goju Ryu is a martial arts style suitable for students of any age. We do not perform high kicks, or high impact aerobic activity. We train hard, but students of all ages are encouraged and taught to modify their training for their own individual ability level.


Glasco Karate is an officially recognized branch (shibu) dojo of the Okinawan Goju-Ryu Kenkyukai (research society) under the tutelage of Sensei Masaji Taira. We are one of only a few dojos in the United States to hold this title, and it is a great honor. The Kenkyukai has branch dojos all over the world. Our students have the opportunity to travel and learn Goju-Ryu from some of the finest instructors on the planet.

We pride ourselves on being a traditional karate school, not a "belt factory". All promotions are earned, and each student progresses at his/her own pace. We specialize in teaching Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Do. We do not mix styles, and do not buy into the "popular martial art of the moment."

Students are welcome to attend as few or as many classes as their schedule permits. We require no contracts, but offer discounts for students who are ready to make a longer-term commitment. We also offer discounts for additional family members. We're here to make a commitment to YOU!

Our Organization

Glasco Karate is a proud affiliate dojo in the Kenkyukai Research Society under the direct tutelage of Masaji Taira Sensei. We are one of only 33 schools wordwide to belong to this prestigious organization, and our senior students train with some of the finest martial artist in the world.

Both Sensei John and Sensei Nancy are licensed senior instructors, and Sensei Nancy is the only female in the US to hold that license.